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Totes McGoat, Issue 12.10: The Loggins Ride

June 17, 2011

So it’s come to this.

A year and three months after launching my own comic strip (and, strangely enough, on my 34th birthday), I’m calling it quits — for a little while. I need a summer break. Maybe a longer break. Don’t worry — Totes and Lucky will still show up occasionally, sending postcards or photos or announcements for good friends. But for now, well, let’s just say we’ll meet again.

Until we do meet again, though, remember that the “Totes McGoat” archives are always here for your fun and amusement. The store is still open, too (edit: no, it’s not). And I’ll still be writing all sorts of delightful things over at, so stop by there often.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported this endeavor since I scanned my first badly drawn goat:

  • Nathan, the best superfan (and copyeditor) ever.
  • Chris and Whitney, who laughed (genuinely) at the very first strips.
  • Sara H., who told me, “I can’t stop saying ‘Totes McGoat’ over and over!”
  • Stu and Kathleen, who offered great plot and character ideas.
  • Chris (again), Elaine, Todd, Mary, Sara H. (again), Aaron, Kimberlee, Nathan (again), and especially my mother for supporting this site by buying some fabulous merchandise.
  • And, of course, my husband David, who laughed with (not at) all of my comics, bought merch whenever I asked him to, and supported me — and continues to support me — through the good and bad times.

Okay — before someone bursts into a bad rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” let’s get to the last (for now) comic strip. As longtime fans will notice, it’s a sly shout-out to Issue 4, where we discovered Totes’ secret unironic love of Britney Spears’ music. It’s also the introduction of a new expression for Lucky, which I thought Nathan would enjoy.

But most of all, this episode is dedicated to my brother, who is serving in the United States Air Force and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. I’m not saying he was the inspiration for Totes in this episode; but yeah, he totally was, and my sister will vouch for that. So Carlos, this is for you, and for the love we all have — and still have — for the “Top Gun” soundtrack.

Enjoy. And I’ll see you guys again soon.

Totes McGoat, 12.10.1

Totes McGoat, 12.10.2

Totes McGoat, 12.10.3

Totes McGoat, 12.10.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.9: A Lax Attitude

June 14, 2011

Okay, you guys — this is the last week of “Totes McGoat” comics until summer / permanent hiatus. Let’s check in with Totes and Lucky, and see how things are going with their bamboo and Panda Barry problems.

Totes McGoat, 12.9.1

Totes McGoat, 12.9.2

Totes McGoat, 12.9.3

Totes McGoat, 12.9.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.8: Just The Tickets

June 9, 2011

In today’s comic — the next-to-penultimate one, I should add — it looks like Totes’ bamboo payment has finally come in. And yes, the date and place are a not-so-subtle shout-out to what I’m doing this Sunday night.

Totes McGoat, 12.8.1

Totes McGoat, 12.8.2

Totes McGoat, 12.8.3

Totes McGoat, 12.8.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.7: Unlucky Bamboo

June 7, 2011

Welcome to yet another installment of “Totes McGoat,” the badly drawn comic strip about everyone’s favorite hipster hero.

I’m glad you’re here today, because I’ve got an announcement to make: “Totes” is going on a summer hiatus. Over the next two months, I might post sporadic funny (to me) drawings; but the regular twice-a-week comics are ceasing, maybe permanently.

Why? There are lots of reasons, the primary one being that I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I used to look forward to sketching out Totes and Lucky, and figuring out what stupid adventures they’d go on in the next episode. Now, I dread sitting down to draw. It’s become a chore, not a joy. So I’m going to stop doing it for a while. Maybe it’ll become a joy again. Maybe not.

In the meantime:

  • Every “Totes McGoat” comic I’ve ever posted will stay on this website.
  • The Zazzle store will remain open.
  • And for a mere $10 donation, I will send you or your loved ones a personalized drawing of Totes and/or Lucky. Seriously. I’ll draw it on nice paper, too. It’ll look fab on your cubicle wall, trust me.

Don’t cry just yet, though. We’ve still got four more episodes of “Totes McGoat” before the summer hiatus starts. So let’s get back to the bamboo business.

Totes McGoat, 12.7.1

Totes McGoat, 12.7.2

Totes McGoat, 12.7.3

Totes McGoat, 12.7.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.6: The Bearter System

June 2, 2011

Before you read today’s comic, I think we all need to take a moment and appreciate that Totes still hasn’t thrown Panda Barry out of the apartment. The dude did break in, after all.

Okay, that’s enough appreciation.

Totes McGoat, 12.6.1

Totes McGoat, 12.6.2

Totes McGoat, 12.6.3

Totes McGoat, 12.6.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.5: Bearated

May 31, 2011

What I’ve learned so far from this issue: drawing pandas is harder than I thought. Look for a lot of new cat and goat characters in the next few issues, since I can already draw those with relative consistency.

Totes McGoat, 12.5.1

Totes McGoat, 12.5.2

Totes McGoat, 12.5.3

Totes McGoat, 12.5.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

Totes McGoat, Issue 12.4: Unbearable

May 26, 2011

Today has been interesting. The nurses and office manager at the allergist’s office loved my tattoo, which was awesome. It was the first time anyone other than friends (e.g. people who have to say something nice, since it’s permanent) have complimented it. Then, this afternoon, David invited our realtor friend over to the house, since we’re thinking of selling in about a year. What he didn’t tell me was that our friend was coming over early — specifically, just in time to hear me serenading the dogs with a very loud version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” That was significantly less awesome, for all of us.

But enough about me. I know what you guys are here for.

Totes McGoat, 12.4.1

Totes McGoat, 12.4.2

Totes McGoat, 12.4.3

Totes McGoat, 12.4.4

Copyright 2011, Sarah at and All rights reserved.

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